Watch every music video nominated for the 2021 GRAMMY Awards

Music videos are just one way for musicians to bring us into their world, show us what they envisioned when creating the song. Lets take a closer look at the GRAMMY nominees for this years Best Music Video; including Beyoncé, Harry Styles and more.
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DJ Khaled Reveals New Album 'Khaled Khaled'

DJ Khaled has officially announced his new album. ‘Khaled Khaled’ his 12th studio album is headed our way, and Khaled took to Instagram to give us the major key news.
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Drake and The Weeknd Make Six-Figure Donations to Black Lives Matter Causes

Drake and The Weeknd have both made significant donations to Black Lives Matter causes. The Weeknd donated to Black Lives Matter Global Network, Know Your Rights, and National Bail Out. Drake made a donation to National Bail Out.
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Drake Shows Off Massive Toronto Mansion in 'Architectural Digest'

Drake is taking fans on a tour of his gigantic mansion in his hometown of Toronto, complete with a full basketball court, custom lighting, and chandeliers that couldn’t fit inside a normal abode.
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NEW Music Friday: The Weeknd, Madison Beer, Lindsay Lohan, + Drake

This week we have new tracks from The Weeknd, Madison Beer, Lindsay Lohan, + Drake! Vote now!
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KFC Mascot

The Chicken Sandwich Wars Are Far From Over

KFC has a contender in the chicken sandwich wars now!
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Charles Barkley x Drake

Charles Barkley Before Raptors Win: "I'll Knock the Hell out of Drake"

Sir Charles has an idea of how to deal with the Drake distraction
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Drake at the Toronto Raptors game

Drake Used His Own Curse to Help the Raptors Beat the Sixers

The "God's Plan" star tried to tip the scales with his shorts
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Drake at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards

'Game of Thrones' Fans Worried After Drake Mentions Arya in Acceptance Speech

Has the curse moved from the world of sports to Westeros?
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BTS at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards

Madonna, Drake, and All the People BTS Met at the Billboard Music Awards

The boys were busy between winning their two awards
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