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Vance Joy On His New Album, Parents, and What He Thinks a Date With Kanye Would Be LikeIn our latest 'Up Close & Personal,' we touch on how Vance feels about NYC, his new album 'Nation of Two,' his parents, and... what a hypothetical 'man-date' with Kanye West would look like!
'Fandom Friday' with Mike Adam -- Vote For the Songs You Want On Fresh 102.7Each week YOU choose the artist and song Mike Adam will play Friday night at 6:55.
Karen & Jeffrey Launch Their Own Playlist Into SpaceEarlier this week, Elon Musk's SpaceX launched into space, carrying a red Tesla Roadster on board. The car's stereo system played David Bowie's "Space Oddity."
Karen & Jeffrey Play 'Is It A Kardashian Or A Celebrity Puppy?'In honor of Kylie Jenner revealing that she gave birth to her first child, Stormi, Karen, Jeffrey and Intern Anthony played a game of "Is It A Kardashian Or A Celebrity Puppy?'
Like, Karen Totally Went Back To 1987 Over the WeekendFind out the scandalous thing Karen MAY have done and why Jeffrey is mad about Karen!
Would Justin Timberlake Let His Son Play Football?Justin Timberlake hasn't even performed at the Super Bowl halftime show yet and there's already drama.
Jeffrey Knows "Dexter," The Peacock Turned Away from United AirlinesThis morning, Karen & Jeffrey talked about Brooklyn artist Ventiko and her peacock Dexter.
Intern Anthony Says He'll Never Eat A VegetableThis morning, Karen & Jeffrey held an intervention for Intern Anthony. Intern Anthony is sick and gets sick all the time and Karen & Jeffey think they found out why: he refuses to eat vegetables!
When It Comes To Songwriting, Fall Out Boy Tend To "Do What Beyonce Does"During Fall Out Boy's 'Up Close & Personal' visit to Fresh 102.7 the day before M A N I A release day Patrick, Pete, Andy, and Joe discussed the pressures the band felt when writing and recording their latest album.
What Are The 5 Best Selena Gomez Songs Of All Time!?2017 might have been Selena Gomez's biggest year of her music career so far. In my opinion, she really found her sound, and stepped outside of her comfort zone. ~Mike Adam
Mat Kearney Lost An Intern To Doug The Pug, Uses His Celebrity To Save Valentine's DayMat has kicked off the new year with new management, a new label, and most importantly, a new batch of songs (that are freakin' stellar). ~Mike Adam
[WATCH] Halsey Delivers Powerful Speech At Women's March 2018During her five minute speech, Halsey read a poem titled 'A Story Like Mine,' opening up about her experiences with sexual abuse.

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