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Your Doctor Knows Breast: My First Mammogram Experience

It’s October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so I wanted to share my first mammogram experience.
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It’s Freezing in Here: Cryotherapy, Because It Works

Full disclosure, I saw one of the 'Real Housewives' do it. Now, I’m a seasoned veteran at freezing my tail off...
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We Don’t Deserve Dogs

Every human wants to be loved unconditionally. It’s how we’re wired. Sometimes we get that from humans and sometimes we don’t. Dogs, however, give us their whole hearts straight outta the gate.
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I Now Only Eat Food Dipped in Gold

I am a dessert fan. I don’t discriminate....chocolate, brownies, cake...all of it. Hey, if my worst crime is downing half of a Mrs. Smith’s pumpkin pie in one sitting, then guilty as charged. Yet, every once and a while a true dessert aficionado wants to feel know, like “foodie...
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Shannon’s Commuting Chronicles: Stories from the NYC Subway That Smell Like the City

My daily commute is predictably unpredictable. I do the same thing everyday, and I do it at the exact same time. It’s what I see on the ride that makes me wonder if there’s a hidden camera somewhere. ~Shannon
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