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Sustainable Laundry

#1Thing: Non-Toxic Laundry Products To Keep Your Clothing Fresh

By Lori Melton Keeping our clothes clean and fresh often seems like a never-ending chore. Many of us do laundry several times a week. Bigger families may even need to wash clothes daily just to keep the mountain under control. Unfortunately, some laundry detergents, fabric softeners, and stain... Read More
Halsey at the 2019 AMAs

WATCH: Halsey Gives Us a How-To 'Manic' Makeup Tutorial

As if Halsey isn't talented enough as an artist, now I find out that she always does her own makeup too! When I first saw the album cover for Manic I was wondering why she decided to give herself a glittery blue eye. Here she explains it all and even gives some great insight into her incredible new... Read More
Fair Trade Coffee

#1Thing: What It Means To Be Fair Trade

By Lori Melton Thanks to increased awareness of the harsh effects of climate change on our planet, people around the world are pitching in to protect the Earth for future generations. Recycling, repurposing and reusing items are simple actions we can take to help reduce the amount of trash going... Read More
Recycle Dog Recycles

#1Thing: How To Be Zero Waste With a Pet

By Lori Melton There are lots of simple ways you and your family can help protect the planet at home. For example, recycling, reusing, or repurposing items instead of throwing them away helps reduce waste. You can also conserve water and energy, carpool or walk to school or work, and cut down on... Read More