Where to Find the Best Street Food in NYC: Top 5 Food Carts/Trucks

March 22, 2019

By Mario McKellop

New York City is known the world over for having one of the most vibrant and diverse culinary scenes on Earth. And as longtime residents know, much of the best food in the Big Apple can’t be found in restaurants. It’s in the various food carts that are as much part of the landscape as the skyscrapers. For those unfamiliar with NYC food cart delicacies, here’s rundown of the best street food in the city - and where to find it.


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Wafels & Dinges

While the uninitiated may believe they’ve tasted dessert waffles before, one serving of Wafels & Dinges shows them the error of their ways. The finest Belgian export since the Claude Van Damme, Wafels lets customers pair its sweet and crunchy linge waffles with a variety of scrumptious toppings including Nutella, dulce de leche, Vermont maple syrup and speculoos spread, which is essential butter mixed with sugars cookies. Those interested in sampling with the best dessert cart New York City has to offer need only follow its Twitter account to find its latest location.


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Sabrett Hot Dog

When people talk about iconic New York City hotdogs, they are almost certainly referring to a Sabrett Hot Dog. A legitimate local institution, Sabrett’s franks provide the essential sustenance necessary to traverse the city during the coldest parts of winter and the hottest days of summer. As its signature offerings start at three dollars a pop, it’s one of the cheapest lunch options in the five boroughs. Although Sabrett’s blue and yellow cards can always be found around Central Park, one also tends to be stationed at the corner of 6th Avenue and 55th Street.


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Anyone looking for fast, authentic and unbelievably mouthwatering Mexican food in the city needs to hit up Calexico. It’s the go-to cart for tacos, burrito bowls and quesadillas made with Pollo Asado, chipotle pork, carne asada, black beans and ancho chile ground beef. Although Calexico has been successful enough to be spun off into several restaurant locations, the best way to experience its signature wares is via food cart, which is located in SoHo on Wooster Street just past the Prince Street intersection.


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Nuts 4 Nuts

While some street foods are filling enough to serve as an entire meal, others function better as snacks. And one of NYC’s best street food snacks are the delectable titular offerings of Nuts 4 Nuts, which include honey roasted peanuts, cashews, almonds and pecans. And for those with an interest in trying something little more exotic, this food cart’s honey and chili roasted cranberry pecans are unbelievably tasty. A New York mainstay since 1993, Nuts 4 Nuts cards can be found throughout the city, one the franchise’s regular locations is at 584 Broadway, in between Prince and Houston.


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The Halal Guys

Finally, the Halal Guys are known for serving the finest Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine in Manhattan. A Midtown fixture, this food cart offers incredibly flavorful chicken, beef and falafel bowls as well as a selection of unbelievably delicious gyros. Though Halal Guys’ fresh ingredients and well-seasoned meat makes it a first-class open-air eatery, it’s the white sauce that truly puts this food cart ahead of competitors. This rich, savory sauce will probably be your new favorite condiment after your first bite.  Those interested in experiencing the wonder that is American Halal food should make their way to the Halal Guys cart at the corner of 6th Avenue and 53rd Street.