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The Weeknd Saved Oprah at Ellen DeGeneres’ 60th Birthday Party

February 22, 2018

By Scott T. Sterling

Needless to say, life is really good for Oprah Winfrey.

All of the fame and fortune in the world, however, doesn’t really help when you find yourself in a room full of relative strangers at a friend’s birthday party.

Such was the case when Oprah hit up Ellen DeGeneres’ recent 60th birthday bash, where a handsome stranger kept approaching her to talk.

“Gayle (King) goes, ‘You’re talking to the Weeknd,'” Oprah revealed to Degeneres on her show today (Feb. 22).

“Oh, that’s the Weeknd?!,” Oprah recalled of the moment. “He cut his hair and he’s wearing a baseball cap.”

Once she realized that she was kicking it with the Weeknd (real name Abel Tesfaye), another not-quite-familiar face joined the conversation. Luckily Tesfaye recognized the third party.

“I’m thinking, I know it’s somebody. Who is it? Is it Justin Timberlake?” Oprah explained of the new partygoer in their circle. “So the Weekend says to him, ‘Hey man, I really loved that film you did.’ And he said, ‘No, that wasn’t a good film for me. It wasn’t my favorite film.’ So I go, ‘What was your favorite film?’ He says, ‘The Aviator.’ And I go, ‘Leonardo, you’re so funny,'” she laughed, having realized that she was talking to Leonardo DiCaprio.

It was just one anecdote from DeGeneres’ big 60th birthday party, which according to Oprah was the most fun she’s had in her entire life.

Watch the very funny clip of Oprah recalling her night at Ellen’s party, and check out a photo of the fateful moment below.

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