(Shannon Holly)

We Don’t Deserve Dogs

October 10, 2018

Every human wants to be loved unconditionally. It’s how we’re wired. Sometimes we get that from humans and sometimes we don’t.  Dogs, however, give us their whole hearts straight outta the gate. They’re ALL in and if you actually save one from a shelter they know it and actually show gratitude. If you’ve ever had the misfortune of seeing a dog get mistreated, their first response is total confusion. They can’t make sense of what is happening to them because they don’t speak hate.  Frankly, we don’t deserve dogs. 

Now that I’ve laid the groundwork, here’s where I get busted. To make up for the plight of all dogs dealing with us humans, I spoil my dog to the max.  In fact, I may have ruined her.  For example, I invested in a Temperpedic dog bed to ensure my Irish Setter’s proper spine alignment, but I don’t even enforce her using it. As it turns out, Her Highness prefers our new couch and since paws aren’t hands, I feel it necessary to swaddle her in a blanket and prop her head on my accent pillow on my way out the door. 

(Shannon Holly)

As a result, Roxy (named after The Roxy Diner on 8th Ave) doesn’t even behave like a dog anymore. She waits to be lifted into the car when taking a drive, when we go to Starbucks she anxiously awaits her “pup cup” and I swear she literally rolls her eyes while other “dogs” get dirty. She doesn’t even really bark anymore...she prefers her state of Zen. I’ve made her into a furry person with ridiculously high expectations. Yes, I’m overcompensating but to be fair, I have seen full grown men do far worse to impress a fiery little red-head.