(Shannon Holly)

Tattoos Are Permanent, Relationships Aren’t

October 19, 2018

Why is it when one of us goes through something big (usually heartbreaking) we have to do something drastic? Maybe it’s because changing something about our appearance is in our total control when relationships are not. Weren’t your most daring haircuts after a breakup? Remember when you decided you and your friends needed to color your hair over the kitchen sink for a fresh start? We’ll show him...

More intense than fleeting auburn highlights, we needed a ceremonial badge of courage to show to the world. One of the two unnamed women in this photo with me needed that support in a big way (he really did her dirty). So, of course, we answered the call with plenty of wine and matching tattoos.

The arrows stand for moving forward and always elevating yourself...and it doesn’t hurt that the arrows also create greater-than signs reminding us that nothing is greater than God. She will get through this and we’ll make sure of it. Nothing like some cathartic ink to tell the world you’ve got someone’s back forever.

Plus, it looks rad.