(Shannon Holly)

It’s Freezing in Here: Cryotherapy, Because It Works

October 11, 2018

So why on earth would I remove my clothes and shut myself into a chamber that blasts liquid nitrogen temperatures of -200 degrees on me for at least 3 whole minutes?  Full disclosure, I saw one of the 'Real Housewives' do it. Now, I’m a seasoned veteran at freezing my tail off and it really is pretty awesome.  Don’t get me wrong, during those 3 minutes, I am cursing myself. I’m also marching in place as if that will make some sort of difference. It is a cold that you can’t comprehend until you actually feel it...and a lot of us are doing it.

The question is, why are we doing it? Rumor is cryotherapy helps you burn calories all day after you leave the chamber because your body needs to warm up. While that part hasn’t been proven yet, I can tell you from personal experience after my appointment I HAD to eat lunch because I was famished (similar to how hungry you feel after a hard workout). Then when I tell you I slept like a champ, I mean I was the Muhammad Ali of napping. So why was my skin glowing, my metabolism raging and my relaxation off the charts?  I’m pretty sure its because it works.

(Shannon Holly)

I hear the NY Jets have a chamber at their training facility in Florham Park, NJ to help with muscle recovery and healing injuries. People may think it’s crazy but so am I -- so why not channel my inner Robert Van Winkle?

Word to yo’ Motha!