Shannon Holly

I Now Only Eat Food Dipped in Gold

October 9, 2018

I am a dessert fan. I don’t discriminate....chocolate, brownies, cake...all of it. Hey, if my worst crime is downing half of a Mrs. Smith’s pumpkin pie in one sitting, then guilty as charged. Yet, every once and a while a true dessert aficionado wants to feel know, like “foodie royalty” and to that I say, “let them eat GOLD!” Yes, this is real life. I went to Matcha n’ More on Hester in Little Italy where they actually wrap your ice cream in eatable 24K gold (do you hear Bruno singing too?!?!). Apparently, we as humans can’t consume anything less than 24K because our bodies are all fancy so none of that 14K stuff for us! 

So how did it taste? It didn’t. There was no flavor to the gold leaf, but the overall desert tasted FABULOUS. If you want to impress your friends visiting NYC...this is your place. In fact, I find it fun to take visitors there and act like there’s nothing at all special about getting 24K topping on my ice cream. When they act surprised, I just act curious and say, “oh, what do they put on ice cream in the country?” You gotta get your fun somewhere. #DessertGoals 

Shannon Holly