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Ah, the Beauty of Nature: NYC's Thirsty Pigeon

January 16, 2019

I always laugh when outdoorsy people tell me how brave I am to go into the city everyday. They worry about my safety yet they go hiking alone in places where things want to bite, sting or consume them.  The last time I checked, I don’t have to dodge any mountain lions on the 1 Train.  

I appreciate the beauty of nature, I really do. That said, I’m still afraid of most of it. My husband (who’s from here) convinced me to go camping once and I cried the whole time. Who chooses to sleep on the ground where bear and coyote roam unless you’re on a reality show that promises a million dollar prize if you survive? 

I must admit though, there’s something sweet about getting a very controlled dose of nature in an unexpected place like in this viral video of a Staten Island guy helping a thirsty pigeon.  

In fact, they should open a bar with that name and use the pigeon’s photo as the logo...”The Thirsty Pigeon” now there’s a place I’d feel comfortable communing with nature.