What Songs Give You The Goosebumps?

August 9, 2019
Goosebumps on arm

(Photo: kvitkafabian/Getty Images)


With all of the songs that have been created over all of the years of recorded music, our human emotions ebb and flow from each, at times turning into raging waters, other times calm and sedate. 

It's this human emotion that drives us all, carries us out of bed and into work or school, propels us onward through our daily grinds, and brings us back home to the ones we love. Music lovers, especially now with unlimited access, always have a soundtrack that matches the exact moment. Whether it's a favorite radio station that always knows what you want to hear (because those DJs always seem to be having the same day you're having, must be a city thing) or personal playlists that you create for a rainy or sunny or state of mind -- the soundtrack to our lives is just as important as the events that unfold.

With this feeling in mind, we ask: What songs give you that feeling of WOW!? What songs take you to your happy place? What are some songs, happy or sad, that give you the goosebumps? Let us know -- reply in the tweet below... We've been getting some truly amazing responses, so we urge you to peruse through the replies -- just reading them gave us the goosebumps!