We're No Longer Raiding Area 51... We're Partying There!

August 22, 2019

The iconic Queens Pepsi-Cola sign has been altered!!! A JetBlue logo has been installed underneath it. It IS temporary though -- it'll come down sometime in the fall. This is all because JetBlue recently switched from being a Coke airplane to a Pepsi one. 

Figures. this is just classic... big corporations ruining my special relationship with other big corporations. I like my nostalgic brand-brainwashing SEPARATE!!! Fun fact, people actually complained about the Pepsi-Cola sign when it first went up, saying it was an eye-sore, and look at it now -- a HUGE part of the NYC skyline! 

Okay, let's get weird... remember that 'Storm Area 51 event'?! WELL, it's now a music festival... Alien Stock, that's the name. In theory, it's actually kind of brilliant. The dude who started the Facebook event is behind the transformation. It's scheduled to go down in Nevada September 19-22. That's less a month away... hmm... Fyre Festival? Is that you? 

If this thing really does happen, I feel like they should have all the aliens that have disguised themselves as musicians over the years perform. Like Elvis, David Bowie... maybe Mick Jagger?

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