Wengie: You Know Her YouTube Videos, But What About Her MUSIC?

May 7, 2019

YouTube sensation Wengie spent some time in NYC recently... mostly for work, but she was able to sneak a little 'play' in there as well. I was lucky enough to hang with her for a couple of those days - attending a BLACKPINK concert together the first night, then on my turf for night #2 at the radio station for an interview.

Wengie made the bold decision a few years ago to leave her desk job (a good paying one at that) and pursue a job as a YouTube content creator. Fast forward to 2019, and her DIY videos, slim videos and prank videos have brought in MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of views. On her main page, she currently has over 13 million subscribers, and over 1 BILLION views (total).

So what's next for Wengie? Music. I mean, it's always been there, but now she's making it her priority. Wengie grew up listening to k-pop, so her music is a fusion of k-pop and pop. She's been working with Melanie Fontana, who's written for The Chainsmokers, BTS, Britney Spears, and MANY other artists. 

During the interview, we chop it up about our experience at the BLACKPINK concert, PLUS meeting the girls backstage. We also touch on what her future plans are for her channel, if a full album is something that interests her, and much, much more. Oh, and of course I made her play #Famous4heads!!!