Top 10 Reasons Lady Gaga Should Play Amy Winehouse on the Big Screen

November 5, 2018

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By Tabitha Britt

An Amy Winehouse biopic is in the works and rumors are spreading like wildfire. But we’re curious, who will play Amy? Thousands of little monsters seem to think Lady Gaga fits the bill, and if we’re being honest, we can’t help but agree.


An Intimate Connection

Within the first 10 minutes of Gaga: Five Foot Two, there is a clear connection between Lady Gaga and one of her biggest inspirations – Amy Winehouse. To the desensitized, Gaga may sound as though she’s rambling, but she isn’t. At the beginning of her documentary, Gaga speaks about the most tumultuous periods of her career. She talks about the immense pressure fame puts on an artist and she recalls her performance of “Paparazzi” at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards.

“The methodology behind what I’ve done is that, when they wanted me to be sexy, or they wanted me to be pop, I always f***** put some absurd spin on it that made me feel like I was still in control,” Gaga said. “So you know what? If I’m gonna be sexy on the VMAs, and sing about the paparazzi, I’m going to do it while I’m bleeding to death and reminding you of what fame did to Marilyn Monroe, the original Norma Jean, and what it did to Anna Nicole Smith, and what it did to…” she trailed off. “Yeah. You know who.”

In this moment, Gaga is talking about Amy Winehouse.

“I think Amy was a little bit of a spirit that haunted this movie,” “Gaga: Five Foot Two” director Chris Moukarbel told Buzzfeed. “Gaga has a lot of overlap with Amy. They were compared a lot in the beginning.”

Devastation After Death

Gaga was so devastated by the news of Winehouse’s passing that she couldn’t speak for a full 48 hours.

“I am just so devastated and so sad and I really could not speak for 48 hours straight I was in such shock,” Gaga said during an interview that aired on "The View."


The Mark Ronson Connection

Mark Ronson co-produced Gaga’s fifth album “Joanne” and produced Winehouse’s 2006 album, “Back to Black.” Ronson and Gaga grew up within blocks of one another on New York’s Upper East Side. The two were so close that her private school would have weekend dances with his. They connected for the first time nearly 10 years ago when Ronson asked Gaga to help him with the vocals on “Chillin,” a track he produced for Wale. Fast forward to 2016, and Ronson is co-producing Gaga’s fifth studio album, “Joanne.”

Ronson commissioned quite a few musicians to help with “Joanne.” Of the 32 people credited in the album’s notes (aside from Gaga herself), a total of eight worked on both “Back to Black” and “Joanne.”


The Transformation of Pop

On July 24, 2011, Lady Gaga paid tribute to Winehouse on Twitter writing: “Amy changed pop music forever. I remember knowing there was hope and feeling not alone because of her. She lived Jazz, she lived the blues.”


Gaga’s Inspiration

In a 2011 interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Gaga said Amy Winehouse was her “only hope.”

“I’m a huge fan,” Gaga said. “She was my only hope when I was up and coming. Nobody knew who I was and I had no fans, no record label and everybody, when they met me, said I wasn’t pretty enough or that my voice was too low or strange,” she continued. “They had nowhere to put me. And then I saw her in Rolling Stone and I saw her live. I just remember thinking, ‘Well, they found somewhere to put Amy…’”

Gaga added, “She’s really special. She just gave me a lot of hope and she deserved a lot better than what people gave her. And I hope that the world learns a lesson from this. I really hope they do. Because it’s not her lesson to learn – it’s the world’s.”



Before Winehouse’s death, Gaga was often mistaken for Winehouse. In a brief radio interview with Omaha 94.1, Gaga revealed that her crazy style often leads to confusion.

“I was nobody when she was first coming out,” she said. “I would be on the street and people would go ‘Amy.’ I just remember feeling like I wasn’t alone because she was so different.”


Dad’s Approval

Winehouse’s father said Gaga is “like Amy.” Following her death, the Winehouse family founded the Amy Winehouse Foundation, an organization that “works to prevent the effects of drug and alcohol misuse on young people.” In hopes of building funds for the foundation, Amy’s father Mitch Winehouse came up with the idea to start a brand-new YouTube channel where stars would sing one Amy Winehouse track.

"We've got this new YouTube channel where stars all over the world are going to do an Amy track and however many hits we get after the first two million, we start making money for the Foundation,” Mitch said in a statement. "I love Lady Gaga. I know she’s a bit kooky but I’ve met her mom and dad, they’re a lovely hard-working family, from New York. She’s like Amy, when she comes home from work she puts the tracksuit on, watches TV and kisses and cuddles her grandparents. Lovely kid."


A Heartbreaking Tribute

Gaga wrote an emotional post on Twitter in July 2017 to mark the singer’s sixth death anniversary.

“We all miss you and your voice, Amy,” Gaga posted on Twitter alongside a photo of Winehouse. “Good time to remember to treat people that we love with dignity and respect. What a talent.”


Bennett Connection

Both women appeared on Bennett’s album “Duets II.” Gaga, who released a full-length album with Bennett in 2014, said she thought of Winehouse “almost every day” while she was in the studio.

“I thought of her [Amy Winehouse> almost every day in the studio. I wish she was still here. She was jazz to her core,” Gaga wrote on Twitter.



An Uncanny Resemblance

In 2014, Gaga posted a soft-focus selfie on Instagram with the caption: “Off to Australia. Will be dreaming of my Aussie Monsters.” Within seconds, followers immediately commented on how much she resembled Winehouse. “Looks like Amy Winehouse!” one user wrote. “Channeling the Amy Winehouse here,” wrote another.

Off to Australia. Will be dreaming of my Aussie Monsters

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