Emma Stone Photo As Cruella De Vil Released

August 26, 2019

The first photo of Emma Stone as Cruella de Vil was released... am I the only one that didn't even KNOW she was playing the iconic villian?! It's for a live action Disney movie titled "Cruella", which hits theaters May 28, 2021. It's gonna take place in the punk rock era of the 1970s and tells Cruella's story BEFORE she was running around terrorizing the puppies. I gotta say... based off this one photo, it looks like it's gonna be pretty awesome. 

Cruella 2021

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I feel like Disney is going the Maleficent route with this one. Focusing on the villain, telling their full story, and making the audience feel compassion towards them once we're in the know when it comes to their history. I'm totally here for it. And Emma Stone looks like she's channeling her inner Helena Bonham for this role, right?! Actually... I wonder if Helena auditioned for this gig, 'cause she woulda totally crushed it too, no?

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