Dean Lewis On Dinner with James Bay & His Odd Brush With Katy Perry

March 12, 2019

Dean Lewis has that "it" factor. If you assessed him without knowing what he did for a living, you might think... "Good looking guy. Tall. Pretty jacked. Australian." But after watching this man perform and address a crowd?! You're won over. His talent and charm are undeniable. That was me following his performance at (Le) Poisson Rouge. I was a fan. And excited to interview him the following day. 

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During our chat, we touched on his hit "Be Alright", what he was doing prior to getting into music, and what famous fans he's acquired since bursting onto the music scene. Oh, and I also heard a little rumor about Dean that I had to get to the bottom of. I heard he's planning on MOVING TO NYC!!! So, is it true? Watch and find out!

Awesome Up Close & Personal last night with #DeanLewis!!! Interview will be up at soon... plus, I played #famous4heads with him!

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Before Dean got into his intimate 3-song performance in our Theater, I had to have him play #famous4heads. I gotta say... he did WAY better than I expected! He was actually pretty good! Like, he guessed Avril Lavigne EASILY, and that was a tougher one. Now, Halsey, Kelly Clarkson, Nicki Minaj and Dua Lipa... those didn't come so easily for Dean.

But who he THOUGHT they were? Hilarious.