The Chicken Sandwich Wars Are Far From Over

September 20, 2019

Sooooo.... Celine Dion doesn't want her face tattooed on Drake's body.

During an interview, it was brought up how Drake wants a tattoo of her on his body -- Her response? "Please don't. As you get older, my face will get longer and it won't get prettier. If you do it, do a fake one so you can change your mind." If he goes through with it, can you imagine that cease and desist?

Next up, KFC has a contender in the chicken sandwich wars now!

KFC Mascot
(Photo by Dianne Manson/Getty Images)

Their offering is a piece of fried chicken between two donuts (that'll take off a few years of your life, but I'm sure it's totally worth it). It's available for a limited time, and currently just getting its 'trial run' only in Pittsburgh and two cities in Virginia. In the meantime, I'm 'bout to go to Dunkin, get 2 glazed donuts, then fry up some chicken and make it myself. Can I just say... this shicken sandwich wars thing is easily the best thing about 2019.

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