Camila Cabello Talks Romance, Acting, and... TAYLOR SWIFT!

December 13, 2019

The last time I got a chance to chop it up with Camila Cabello was about two-years-ago. Even then she had proved she could stand on her own two feet as a solo artist. The future was bright for Camila... but who could have guessed she'd come back with a sophomore album that blew her first project out the water?! Sophomore slump? Nope, not here.

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I was excited to talk 'ROMANCE' with Camila. We discussed some lines on that album that she's most proud of, and how her parents reacted to "First Man", a song about her father, when they first got to hear it. Camila touched on how this album differs from her debut, and which area she thinks she's grown the most as an artist.

With her film debut on the way as well (Camila will star in Cinderella, produced by James Corden), we had a chat about whether or not she's going on a bunch of auditions lately, and if she feels a little out of her element when it comes to acting.

Camila Cabello with Mike Adam in the RADIO.COM Theater
(Photo: Joe Cingrana/WNEW)

Before we wrapped up, I had to ask Camila if she did anything special for her BFF Taylor Swift, because, if you live under a rock, Taylor just turned the big THREE-OH!

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