Mike Adam's AMAZING Scrabble Pregnancy Announcement Makes The Rounds

October 8, 2019
Mike Adam Scrabble Pregnancy Announcement



-Mike Adam/WNEW

SO, my wife and I are expecting our first child together. The due date it April 11th, and we're NOT finding out the sex... which I was surprised that a lot of people are opposed to this! Like, guys, remember there actually WAS a time when 'Gender Reveal Parties' weren't a thing. Anyways, this will be my mother's first grandchild, so my wife and I knew we needed to tell her in a special way.

So... SURPRISE! ---- Sarah and I had been trying for about a year and a half, and by “trying” I just basically mean we pulled the goalie. We weren’t on some “you need to be home seducing me at 6:43pm this Thursday bc that’s when my app says our window of opportunity is”. Not gonna lie, I got a little nervous! Like, a year and a half?! Is something wrong with me??? So I said to Sarah, maybe I should have the doc check me out... I mean, I thought it was a myth, but maybe I shouldn’t have drank all those Mountain Dews as a kid. But at this point she already knew she was pregnant, so she was like, no hun, it’s no big deal, hold off. A few days later I found out why she was so nonchalant about it! I’m excited, nervous, and more excited about this. I can’t wait to meet you ❤️

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Sarah, my wife, actually came up with this Scrabble idea long before we were pregnant. One random day years ago, she was just like, "I know how we're gonna tell your mom". It was brilliant. The 3 of us, and sometimes my younger sister as well when she's down from Boston, play Scrabble pretty frequently, so this was the perfect cover.

At this point my wife and I have been married for over 5 years. Our family members pretty much gave up on us when it comes to procreating, so the shock on my mother's face when we told her?!! I legit think she didn't truly believe us until about the 17th 'no sir'.

The video ended up going viral. Good Morning America picked it up, as well as Motherly, and some other major outlets. Dish Nation, the TV show I'm on, even did a little feature on it. I think the video is being embraced by so many because, yes, while the way we told my mother is creative, her reaction is just so authentic and real.

This baby has no idea what it's in for... grandma is about to spoil you rotten.