3 Artists We'd Love To See Featured On Miley Cyrus's Next Album

November 21, 2018
Miley Cyrus

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By Mark G. McLaughlin

Miley Cyrus makes great music, but how much better would her next album be if she paired up with some other performers? Former One Direction star Niall Horan and RM of the Korean boy band rap sensation BTS are, like Miley, accomplished songwriters, and each could bring something unique to enrich Miley's signature sound. Miley could do a lot with Horan's blend of traditional Irish, folk and pop music and RM's Korean rap styling. Of course, if Ms. Cyrus is going to partner with another performer - either in a single song or perhaps an entire album - who better to do so with than Lady Gaga? These are just three of the many artists we would like to see featured on Miley's next album.

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Niall Horan – To Bring Added Folk ‘Direction’ To Her Music

As a member of the boy band One Direction, Irish singer-songwriter and guitarist Niall Horan knows what it’s like to run on the pop star treadmill. The former “Hannah Montana” star has a lot in common with Niall, both in her previous Disney (country) princess persona and who she has become in the current stage of her career. To sing one of Niall's songs – either in a duet or simply with him accompanying her on his guitar, would allow her to explore a new genre, the “folksy pop music” blend, as Horan describes his music.


RM of BTS – To Up Her (Korean) Rap Game

Miley can rap, and what better way to up her game than a rap battle with RM of BTS? RM, short for “Rap Monster,” got his start as a Korean underground rapper (who called himself Runch Randa) and hit the big time in 2010 when he became part of the Korean hip-hop boy band BTS. Like Miley and Niall Horan, RM has a talent for writing songs as well as performing on stage. He holds the copyright on more than 100 works and keeps adding to his musical lexicon at a prolific rate. The Korean rap scene in which he began, however, is quite a bit different from Miley's own rap roots, and the two would not only complement each other but perhaps between them might create an entirely new style of rap.

Lady Gaga performs Joanne / Million Reasons during the 60th Annual Grammy Awards at Madison Square Garden.
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Lady Gaga – For So, So Many Good Reasons

Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga have a lot in common – especially the way they have worked hard to gain the attention of the media and the public through fashion and publicity stunts. Like Lady Gaga, there is more than meets the eye – or ear – to Miley Cyrus. Gaga got her big break with pop music, but as she has demonstrated over the last few years, she is also an accomplished classical pianist, a songstress who can more than hold her own in duets with the likes of Tony Bennett and other famous crooners, and an up-and-coming actress, as attested by her performance in the leading role in “A Star is Born.” Miley is in many ways a younger Lady Gaga in that she, too, has shown she can hold her own in a sitcom both as the lead and as a guest star, and that she can perform in a variety of musical styles and genres.