Taylor's Last Laugh Is Now Streaming With 'Taylor Swift Reputation Stadium Tour' on Netflix

The biggest tour of all time shows Swift in rockstar form

December 31, 2018

For Taylor Swift, living well is the best revenge.

The "Shake It Off" singer emerges from black and white footage of headlines and talking heads at the start of Taylor Swift reputation Stadium Tour, resetting the mission statement for the era. You questioned all of this, and now you're about to see the serious strength of a woman scorned.

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Filmed at AT&T Stadium in Dallas, Swift's Netflix special captures the biggest tour in history with 28 cameras and sweeping visuals. The spectacle showcases the best of her Reputation album, and puts a new spin on Swift standards with production and styles. There are cameos along the way from tourmates Camila Cabello and Charli XCX, even the giant snake gets a share of the spotlight, but the star remains Swift. She manages to move effortlessly and alluringly, captivating at every turn. Her complete control and rockstar energy is more apparent in this up-close intimacy than ever before.

Through it all though is this joyous connection that Swift shares with her fans, a symbiotic appreciation and uplifting. If there was ever a doubt of the special kind of performer that Taylor Swift is, it is settled within the film's first 15 minutes. This is a picture of a young woman at the top of her game, and exciting period at the end of the sentence Swift started in 2017.

Taylor Swift reputation Stadium Tour is now available on Netflix.