Rob Thomas Discusses 'Chip Tooth Smile,' Carlos Santana's "Unbelievable" New Record, and His Son's Awesome Band

Also, find out how Rob handles his son's budding music career!

April 29, 2019

Rob Thomas spent the evening with a room full of lucky NEW 102.7 listeners for an 'Up Close & Personal' concert at Chelsea Music Hall in New York City on Thursday, April 25th. During the event, morning personality Karen Carson spoke with Rob about a lot of different things, ranging from his relationship with his wife Marisol and son Maison, his life as a resident of NYC, his brand new album Chip Tooth Smile and more.

One of the stand-out moments was when Rob spoke about his former "Smooth" collaborator Carlos Santana. He explained that the two of them are currently working on new music at the same time and often talk about the process with each other. 

"Carlos Santana has a new record coming out that's not a pop's straight up Afro-Cuban, bad-a**, just **** you in the ear, kind of a record," Rob says.

"I've heard most of it, and it's unbelievable."

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Audience members also had the opportunity to ask Rob some questions. One of the first was about collaborating with his son, Maison. Rob says his son's band Hand Made House is "better than I ever was at their age," and explained how he tries to let them do their own thing without his rock star help. 

"I don't helicopter around him. I'm available for any questions he has, but I don't give him unsolicited advice because I want him to make the same decisions I made, and the same mistakes I made."

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Rob's new album, Chip Tooth Smile, was released on April 26th and features the single "One Less Day (Dying Young)." Watch the video below.


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