Dermot Kennedy Is Ready To Keep It Going After Release of His Debut 'Without Fear'

October 21, 2019

-By Joe Cingrana/WNEW

Irish singer-songwriter Dermot Kennedy just saw the release of his debut album, 'Without Fear', on October 4th, but he's been performing sold-out shows around the world for quite some time now. When Kennedy stopped by the RADIO.COM Theater to talk with NEW 102.7's Karen Carson during our latest 'Up Close & Personal' event, he admitted he was impressed himself with what he and his team had been able to accomplish.

"The amount we did without [an album] was mad, yeah," and now the momentum is just continuing to build.

"We no longer have that to fall back on," jokes Kennedy. "We played Brixton in London, a kind of iconic venue... and we played a festival in Ireland with thousands and thousands and we always had the thing of like, 'oh, I did it without an album,' but now that's over!"

Now that Kennedy has formally given birth to his baby, 'Without Fear,' he's looking ahead to the next chapter.

"I never want to seem unenthused about it at all, but I've known that album for so long because I put those songs together a long time ago. I definitely marked the moment in my mind and it was definitely very important to me... the reason I was most excited is because it's been a couple of years of putting out singles and EPs and stuff, and I was most excited to bring out a project and show what I was about. Now that it's done, I'm just excited to keep it moving forward."

Dermot Kennedy in the RADIO.COM Theater with NEW 102.7's Karen Carson
(Photo: Joe Cingrana/WNEW)

Karen describes Dermot as "the oldest soul in the world," although he's only pushing the ripe young age of 27, and wonders based on the highly emotional aspects of his songs, if he was happy as a child (which drew some laughter from the fans in attendance.

Dermot explains that he grew up in a remote area in Ireland, which gave him plenty of time to focus on songwriting.

"Where I grew up... it was like, forest on that side and fields on that side, so it was very isolated. I think there's two aspects to it; the landscape itself was very inspiring, how remote it was meant I had a bunch of time to apply myself to songwriting and also the fact that it was isolated meant I was never part of a trend, I was never a part of the 'music scene.' So I never had anything to try and adapt to, I never tried to sound like somebody else... I think I was lucky in that sense because anything that I did feel compelled to make was unique."

Watch the full interview with Dermot Kennedy and NEW 102.7's Karen Carson above -- and be sure to pick up Without Fear now!

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