LOVE STINKS: NEW 102.7 DJs Pick Their Favorite Anti-Valentine's Songs

February 14, 2020
Love STinks

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Valentine's Day... if you're in love, great. Congrats. We're SO happy for you.

But for those who tend to spend the holiday of love flying solo or delicately attaching pretty ribbons to their cat (Who's a good boy?!?), here are a few choice tracks to help the day go by without a hitch -- barring any unforseen and embarrassing veterinary visits. You may shed a tear here and there though. Sorry, not sorry.

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Karen Carson's Picks:

Halsey - "Without You"

When you literally give everything and they burn you anyway. You aren't the first and won't be the last. Halsey makes us feel less alone in the common mistake of trying to "save' someone or being the rebound.

Dean Lewis - "Be Alright"

It SUCKS to be dumped. And your friends (If they are your good friends) will pick you up off the ground while telling you the painful truth. Hearing it's OVER and letting that sink in takes time. Thank God for our friends.

Alanis Morrisette - "Mary Jane"

You thought I was gonna say "You Oughta Know" right? That song WILL ALWAYS work when you've been wronged. But this is deeper darker song that always makes me ask..." What are you doing? "What are you REALLY crying over" Yeah, a song to make you dig deep.


Emily West

Ariana Grande - "BreakUp with your Girlfriend"

"Breakup with your Girlfriend, because I'm bored." I think Ariana figured she didn't have a Valentine about a week before and then found one pretty quickly.   

Billie Eilish - "Hostage"

Well, this song is a little dark. She tells her infatuation she wants to steal his soul and hide him in her treasure chest. Even though it can be taken as a little creepy, I love anything Billie Eilish does.  

The Weeknd - "Secrets"

Well, The Weeknd has zero trust in his partner. He says he can always tell if you're lying. Yikes, the truth always comes out!


Mike Adam's Picks:

Kelis - "I Hate You So Much Right Now"

You can just HEAR the hate in her voice!! Kelis is kinda singing... but kinda screaming at the same time. And after a breakup, it's as therapeutic for the listener as I imagine it was for Kelis while recording it.

Ruff Endz - "No More"

This is a break-up anthem that lets your ex know that since you two are no more, all the perks of being with you come to an end as well. Unfortunately most of us probably never had the funds to just send your significant other on shopping sprees, but you can fill in your own lyrics for certain non-relatable parts, lol.

Joe (feat. Mystikal) - "Stutter"

Caught your boo cheating? Yeah, you're gonna have this one on repeat for sure. Joe, with some help from former No Limit rapper Mystikal, paints the perfect picture of what it's like to catch your 'love' out in a lie. 


Christine Richie's Picks:

To me, anti-Valentine’s Day songs are not about being sad about a breakup but feeling empowered because you realize you’re are fine on your own and don’t need someone to be happy. I chose these songs because they’re all about knowing you’re better off without jerks who have mistreated you.

Rozzi - "Lose My Number"

Did someone lie to you or take you for granted? This one’s for you. I saw Rozzi do this live and the crowd went nuts. I guess we’ve all been there but nothing beats that feeling when you get your power back and realize they’re the ones missing out.

“Do you miss me in the night, breathin’ by your side? Well baby, I’m sleeping fine.”

Christina Perri - "Jar of Hearts"

What a classic. We’ve all dated this person right? The one that always comes back to wreck you as soon as you put yourself back together. Listen to this over and over until you can confidently tell this person to F off they next time they come around.

“I learned to live half alive and now you want me one more time”

Alessia Cara - "River of Tears"

Alessia says this song is about finding your happy place again after someone hurt you. Unfortunately, there’s no shortcut or easy way to get there, you just have to go through it. Take comfort in knowing you’ll come out stronger on the other side.

“I realize that sometimes love brings you flowers then it builds you coffins and far too often we end up falling to our demise.”