Lewis Capaldi Teases Chemical Brothers 'Birthday Song Cover' for YouTube Originals

"The only person who's not gonna like it, is probably Noel Gallagher"

March 11, 2020
Lewis Capaldi in the RADIO.COM Theater

(Photo: Joe Cingrana/WNEW)


"If I f*** this song up, I'm sorry," Lewis Capaldi states very seriously (not really) at the beginning of the teaser for his upcoming 'Birthday Song' episode.

YouTube Originals is ramping up for a new series, where artists take on the task of covering the song that was number one the year they were born.

That song, for Lewis Capaldi, is the 1996 Chemical Brothers / Noel Gallagher (Oasis) collaboration, "Setting Sun", which was the electronic group's first UK number 1 and their first hit in the US.

In the new series, fans will get to watch as their favorite artists discover the songs they were born to sing, and follow them through the process of creating their own, own unique versions.

Joking at the end of the clip, Capaldi guesses, "the only person who's not gonna like it, is probably Noel Gallagher." We're going to go ahead and say his brother, Liam, will definitely hate it too... but that's just what he does best.

'Birthday Song' launches March 24th on YouTube Originals.

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