Kesha Says New Album 'High Road' is a "Celebration of Happiness and Life"

October 24, 2019

Kesha’s getting ready to release new music and not only is she sporting new hair but she’s in a whole new headspace. While she went darker with her locks, the music not so much. The new album, High Road is going to be, "A celebration of happiness, and life, and being alive, and all the good stuff." She also promised some ballads and introspective tracks and some that were difficult and emotional to write. 

Kesha was radiating happiness when we talked and says that this time it feels healthier and more earned. "I had to make an intention to dig myself out of some darker moments," she says, "and then finally, now I feel as happy as I ever did but knowing that I did the work to bring myself to this place."

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Kesha's going back to her pop roots on this album and it seems we have her brother to thank. She started out writing sad songs until her brother told her to go and write a big, fun, pop song. She did it begrudgingly, but had the best time. "At the end of the session I was like, 'oh I get it, by doing it it’s making me happy.' So then I just started making songs that were celebrating my life, and it kind of brought me back to this really happy place. It’s actually, the music kind of brought me to the happiness." 

Kesha’s newfound joy is inspiring and infectious. Just being around her my mood shifted and I’m sure High Road will have the same effect. Listen to her new song, “Raising Hell” on New Music Friday tomorrow!

I like this new Kesha, especially now that she’s also a brunette.