James Arthur Details New Album 'You' and His Inspiring Book "Back to the Boy"

July 3, 2019

By Christine Richie

I have such a soft spot for James Arthur because he’s been through so much. I don’t want to rehash his past yet again but James did something twice most artists have a hard enough time doing once. After overcoming a terrible childhood he realized his dream of becoming an artist only to lose it all. He had to start over and do it again all while battling severe anxiety and depression. He triumphed and came back with his smash hit, "Say You Won’t Let Go" and has been soaring ever since. He’s the embodiment of resilience and such an inspiration. If you want to know more about his history, read his book "Back to the Boy." Despite his past, James is one of the kindest and sweetest guys in the business. He’s just happy to move people with his music and he’s a master at it. His beautiful, soulful voice pulls you in and his smart, emotional lyrics seal the deal. 

I was excited to talk to him about his new album You coming out after the summer. I wasn’t able to pry too many details out of him but he did tell us about a new song, "Breathe" which he wrote here in NYC while he was jet lagged and couldn’t sleep. The album was already finished but he loved the song so much he added it. Arthur called it, "a nod to mental health" because it’s about the power of someone to calm your anxiety just by being with you.

After all this talk of New York, I couldn’t let him go without asking for his best NY accent. You’ll have to watch to see how he did! 

Look out for U.S. tour dates coming soon!

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