AJR Made a Conscious Decision To Feature NYC In Their Music Videos

June 12, 2018

By Joe Cingrana

The multi-talented AJR brothers (Adam, Jack, and Ryan Met) dropped by the Fresh 102.7 studios in their hometown of New York City for a special 'Up Close & Personal' event with some lucky listeners. The former buskers-turned shining stars have incorporated the Big Apple in three of their latest music videos; "Sober Up" features the band walking the streets of NYC as singer Jack meets his younger self; "Weak" features the band performing aboard a darkened subway car filmed at the NY Transit Museum in downtown Brooklyn; and finally, "I'm Not Famous" shows Jack once again on the city streets, this time donning a onesie as well as his signature hat.

Ryan explains that the decision to feature New York in their clips was a conscious one, both out of convenience since this is the city in which they live, but also because of their love for their town.

"I think it's convenient," says Ryan, "just because we also direct a lot of our own videos so we don't have a huge budget. For 'I'm Not Famous' the budget was like, nothing..."

"$100 bucks," interjects Jack. "I think we bought the onesie!"

"No, no! That was dad's onesie," laughs Ryan. "We didn't even need to buy that!"

You would assume that shooting on the streets of New York City, dressed in a onesie, surely got the brothers some odd looks during filming. But Jack admits "I was the craziest person! I kind of held the standard there. People were shouting at me... In the subway -- I feel like even if I wasn't in the onesie the cane would have come out -- I was trying to get by [a woman> and she was trying to sweep my legs with a cane!"

AJR have just completed a U.S. tour and will be heading across the pond to Europe in the coming weeks. Their latest single, "Burn The House Down" is out now!