Taco Bell Apologizes for Controversial Storefront Sign

February 12, 2020

Taco Bell is issuing an apology after a controversial sign.

Yahoo! reported that a customer saw a sign calling out employees who were late for work. The message was discovered at a restaurant located in Fairlawn, Ohio.

A picture of the controversial sign was posted on Facebook by Paula Duhon Boss, who commented “Taco Bell in Fairlawn . Wth??!!!!”

The note said in all capital letters, “Dining room is closed until this stores workers can show up to work on time! We will happily serve you through the drive thru as quickly as possible.” It continued, “We’re very sorry for the inconvenience.”

Boss told Fox News that she thought the restaurant had bad service, but she did not think the note was appropriate.

“The restaurant’s managers had no right to say that about their staff to the public,” Boss said.

While Boss certainly believed this was a problem, she wasn’t the only one. Facebook users everywhere quickly flooded the comments section to express their opinion as well.

One user wrote, “I wouldn’t say that’s the best way to address this situation…but ok.”

Another person said the restaurant did the right thing. The user wrote, “Entitled employees who don’t think they have to work.”

Taco Bell did not agree with this sign. A spokesperson for the company released a statement, apologizing for the gaffe.

“The posting of this sign should not have happened, and the team was immediately re-trained on proper protocol," Taco Bell said. "We can confirm that the dining room reopened within an hour, and we apologize to our customers for any inconvenience."

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