Someone Changed the Alphabet Song and Twitter Is Fuming

October 28, 2019

Everybody’s learned the alphabet the same way for generations.

The alphabet song is standard, perfect, and teaches kids their letters seamlessly.

Then why did they have to go and change it?

Screenwriter and producer Noah Garfinkel tweeted an “updated” version of the alphabet song that better clarifies the “LMNOP” part.  We’ll accept that “LMNOP” over the years has become a jumble of letters, but the song was perfectly fine regardless!  As Garfinkel wrote, this new version is “life ruining.”

Of course, people were NOT happy! Some said the original version was just fine the way it was.

Others had very few words to say about the new tune, undoubtedly speechless over the changes that were made.

It wouldn't be a Twitter argument without some well-chosen gifs in the mix. It's a wonder Simon Cowell hasn't chimed in on the matter himself!

There's another group of people who are reminiscing over their favorite part of the song to begin with, mourning the loss the of the jumbled letters in the middle.

Via Buzzfeed