RADIO.COM LIVE Check In: Why Don't We is ushering in an era of authenticity with 'Fallin'

'What do we want to sound like, what do we want to do?’

September 30, 2020

RADIO.COM's Julia linked up with Why Don’t We and jumped right into the band’s incredible reinvention after taking a nine-month hiatus. Prior to their time off the road Why Don’t We had been going nonstop. The group has felt that the pandemic has allowed their sound to mature and solidify, while also creating space for more hands-on projects.

The boys of the band shared, “we’re one hundred percent reintroducing ourselves… we’ve been on the road for the last three years of being a band. This is the first time we’ve had to back up and think ‘what do we want to say, what do we want to sound like, what do we want to do?’”

The group’s newest single “Fallin” is a direct representation of Why Don’t We’s newest phase and moment of clarity. The fresh single is a pop-rock track that speaks directly to the evolution that Daniel SeaveyCorbyn BessonJonah Marais, Jack Avery, and Zach Herron have worked so hard to create.

“‘Fallin’ started with an idea, I had kind of the melody drop into my head. I’ve never had a melody full just pop through my head,” explains Seavey. He continues to tell us that the day he conceived the melody for “Fallin” was the day that the band was supposed to record a different song in studio.

When Daniel arrived at their recording session he sang the melody for his bandmates and the group quickly shifted their session that to write and record “Fallin.” Daniel proudly shares, “we wrote it in about an hour, which was the quickest we’ve ever written a song. It was freaky the way this song came out. It felt like we were just kind of like narrating somebody else’s words. It came out so fast… I get chills just thinking about it.”

Corbyn and Jonah also felt strongly that “Fallin” would serve well as their lead single because of it’s “anthemic” quality and ability to “tie the whole album together.”

This second era of Why Don’t We will commence with a sophomore studio album that we are eager to experience. The band is serving us some of their most genuine music and releasing a soundtrack of WDW authenticity.

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