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Thursday October 29 at 12 PM ET / 9 AM PT

October 28, 2020

Photo credit Jamie Lynn Spears


In a time when nostalgia is in high demand and reboots are all the rage, Jamie Lynn Spears has swooped in to delight the Gen Z-ers who long for the days of, sidekick cell phones, the local shopping mall Claire’s store, and of course, the Nickelodeon golden era.

Since mid-October Jamie Lynn has been teasing rebooted Zoey 101 content across her social media platforms, and on October 27 the actress dropped a nostalgia-filled, star-studded music video, where we get a modern twist on the original Zoey 101 theme song, “Follow Me.”

Spears partnered with DJ, producer, and social media sensation, Chantel Jeffries to give us the reworked Zoey 101 theme. While the music video features Jamie singing the reimagined song and most of the original Zoey 101 cast appearsthe piece is also set up like a casting call for a probable Zoey 101 part two.

With Gigi Gorgeous at the helm of the casting call, playing the director, we see appearances from young stars looking to take on the roles of the classic PCA students. Jojo SiwaSofia Reyes, Harry Jowsey of Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle, and TikTok star, Dixie D’Amelio are all present for the audition.

Now Jamie Lynn is joining RADIO.COM for a special Check In to give us all the details on the new reworked single, and what we can expect from the potential Zoey 101 reboot. You can catch Spears right here, at RADIO.COM/live, or follow along with RADIO.COM on Facebook and Twitter on Thursday, October 29th at 12PM ET/ 9AM PT.

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