Pet Owner Shocked by Question From His 'Talking' Cat

February 10, 2020

While this past year has shown us a slew of fictional talking felines from “Lion King” to “Cats,” one pet owner was in for a shock when he heard his own, real cat mouth a few words.

The video surfaced on TikTok and quickly made its rounds throughout the Internet with viewers just as shocked as the pet owner himself upon hearing the cat ask a simple question in what appears to be English. Cat owner Ike Tommy captured the moment on video.

“Are you coming?” the cat can be heard sounding out at the beginning of the video. Panning to the next room where the cat sits, Tommy reveals where the sound came from. The cat seemingly speaks in a voice that sounds just like a small child.

“What did you just say?” Tommy retaliates. The cat let out a couple of normal "meows." The clip garnered the attention of millions of viewers, with thousands of them taking to the comments section to voice their shock over hearing a cat make sounds like a child.

“I mean uh… meow?” one user writes. Many others chimed in with thoughts reflecting that the cat was “busted” in the act of showing off its best English language. “She looked like she was busted. Broke cat code,” another user wrote.

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