Is Bill Gates Ordering a $644 Million Superyacht?

February 10, 2020

It seems there's a rumor going around that Bill Gates may have purchased a $644 million superyacht, but now the company is saying they have no affiliation with the buyer.

The new hydrogen-powered superyacht, worth an estimated $644 million and the first of its kind, features an infinity pool, helipad, spa, and gym.

The ship, called the Aqua, was reportedly commissioned by Gates and is powered completely by liquid hydrogen, as was publicized last year at the Monaco yacht show. The yacht was made by the Dutch design firm Sinot, The Guardian reports.

Gates has yet to comment on the alleged purchase, however, Sinot placed a note on its website about the falsehood of these claims. "Aqua not sold! These articles are factually incorrect," comments on the website read.

Designer Sander Sinot said of the boat, “For the development of Aqua we took inspiration form the lifestyle of a discerning, forward-looking owner, the fluid versatility of water and cutting-edge technology, to combine this in a superyacht with truly innovative features.”

The boat, which also features five decks with space for 14 guests and 31 crew members, is also environmentally friendly in how it's heated, allowing guests to remain comfortable outside without the use of wood burning or coals. The ship will be powered by combining liquid hydrogen with oxygen, fueling the ship and producing water.

The ship can reportedly go about 3,750 miles before being refueled, and will feature a diesel back-up due to the lack of hydrogen refueling stations.

Gates has a longstanding interest in alternative fuels, despite murmurs that the boat has not, in fact, been sold to him.

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