Katy Perry Is Back With a 'Smile': Here Are Our Favorite Lyrics From Each Song on Her New Album

KP5 is here for all the good vibes

August 28, 2020

Not only did Katy Perry just deliver her newborn daughter, Daisy Dove Bloom, but Perry has also finally bestowed KP5 upon us. After some minor production delays, a handful of promotional singles, some major clown chic moments, and a baby, Smile is here to add a dash of camp and glitter to the often mundane moments of the quarantine.

Katy’s Smile era seems to be all about taking the listener through many moments on her journey with mental health. The “Daisies” singer has been open about her trials and tribulations around dealing with depression. Often lyrics on the new album refer to the Pop Queen stepping out of a place of darkness and into a space where she can truly be her full sparkly self.

The collection of songs on Smile take us through ups, downs, triumphs, and champagne infused evenings that leave us feeling twinkly-eyed and dizzy with pure pop sweetness.

What Perry has done with this high-summer album release is simply delightful.

“Never Really Over”

The first song on the album starts with a stark, paired down Perry, firmly reciting lyrics, but then quickly builds to a fast tempo power ballad. The words “Oh, we were such a mess but wasn’t it the best? Thought it was done but I guess it's never really over,” leave the listener reminiscing or daydreaming about the kind of love that is so wrong it just feels so right.

“Cry About It Later”

This is the post-break-up, sad girl anthem we all need sometimes. This song embodies the idea of drowning your sorrows into a perfectly pink, fizzy, and over-priced cocktail. This song is about bopping your sorrows out on the dance floor and letting a sultry evening out begin to heal the pain. This song shares the lyric, “I got angel wings and a devil’s grin and only one can win,” and we love the good gone bad sentiment Katy is evoking here.

“Teary Eyes”

“Teary Eyes” has literally been primed for the perfect dance remix. Katherine certainly new she’d be commanding the club with this melancholy yet upbeat dance track. “Have you ever lied and replied ‘I’m fine?'” Katy is pulling out our heart stings when it comes to singing about dancing through the pain. “Wanna run like your mascara…"


Dreamers keep on dreaming. This tune, filled with positivity and promise, asks us to not give up. Katy uses her own experiences to uplift those listening. “They told me I was out there. Tried to knock me down. Took those sticks and stones showed 'em I could build a house.”


Katy is having her “full flower” moment and we are here for it. The artist shares that in her hardest moments she has culled the strength to come out even better than before. “But do you know the darker the night, the brighter the stars glow,” croons Perry.

“Not the End Of The World”

Talk about a timely song. When we are living during a time where it seems easy to lose hope, Perry’s song not only hits on the fact that is certainly “a time to be alive” but also reminds us that we will get through it all.


Katy’s clown-inspired, promotional track and title track is all about good vibes. For every obstacle she’s faced Perry shares, “but every tear has been a lesson!” The song is so undeniably hopeful, its hard not to smile when listening to the signature KP groove.

“Champagne Problems”

Now that she’s come out on the other end stronger, brighter and sparklier - Katy Perry’s only problems in life are “Champagne Problems.” She and Orlando have made it over some hurdles, and now that baby Bloom has arrived the family of three is living the high life. Katy Perry swoons, “pull me closer, pour a drink.”


This song might sound like a cute little diddy, but the lyrics are steamy heavy hitters. “I keep you tucked away inside my head, where I can find you anytime I want to baby”

“Harleys Hawaii”

“Harleys in Hawaii,” aka the most sensual song to pour out of KP5. Just listening to the lyrics Perry paints a perfect, highly saturated, sunset picture for us. The slow jam is subdued in the most attractive way possible, and now we’re ready to be, “cruising down a heart-shaped highway.” “When I hula-hula, hula, So good, you'll take me to the jeweler-jeweler, jeweler.”

“Only Love”

Katy candidly sings about her experiences with her mental health struggles. The artist shares the fact that she often lost perspective very quickly while battling with depression. “If the stars went out on me there’s so much I’d say and do”

“What Makes a Woman”

The final track on KP5 takes a quick little acoustic turn in order for Perry to share her ever-underlying message of female empowerment. The country-meets-pop moment is all about the indescribable traits that make women so powerful. “Is it the way we keep the whole world turning in a pair of heels”

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