Disney Getting Sued for Using Phrase on 'Frozen 2' Merchandise

December 13, 2019

Disney is getting the cold shoulder for its movie 'Frozen 2.'

The media conglomerate is being sued for using the phrase “Trust Your Journey” as part of its “Frozen 2” release.

A Nevada-based company is suing the organization. The company, also called Trust Your Journey, is run by a cancer survivor and a young widowed mother has used the name and slogan since 2007, according to TMZ.

That specific company located in Nevada, shares inspirational stories for those who are fighting breast cancer.

The company is claiming Disney is using it illegally on merchandise for “Frozen 2.”

In the lawsuit obtained by TMZ, the company said the trademarked phrase can be found on T-shirts, posters, jewelry. Some products with the slogan can be found through third-party sellers.

Back in November, the Disney animated musical debuted at number one and earned a record-breaking $127 million in North America.

The film exceeded industry expectations which had estimated it would earn in the $100 million range.

“Frozen 2” also broke several records. It now stands as having the largest opening for any Walt Disney Animation Studios release in its over 80-year history. The sequel is also the biggest global opening for an animated film ever, making $350 million worldwide. “Toy Story 4” was the previous champ with $240.9 million.

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