The 'Dad Guy' Goes Viral with This Amazing Billie Eilish Parody

Funk Turkey turns out our second favorite version of “bad guy”

August 22, 2019

“Dinner’s ready.”

The haunting, chart-topping hit “bad guy” by Billie Eilish has a new fatherly feel with “Dad Guy,” a parody that’s been racking up views and scoring big laughs since it was uploaded earlier this week.

Created by Funk Turkey, the song showcases the truths of living that Dad life, from stained shirts to that one pair of sneakers he wears to everything. "I'm the Dad type, slightly out of breath type, gained a couple pounds type, eat over the sink type.. I'm the Dad Guy," he sings. Duh.

"Dad Guy" is the first parody posted on the account, but it has already been viewed over half-a-million times.

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“Totally overwhelming, so thank you first off for that,” he said in a follow-up video, after the clip got recognized from Good Morning America and Time. “It’s been super positive, and fun, and I’m not really sure what to say other than I’m gonna keep making more stuff that is going to be equally stupid.”

Earlier this week, “bad guy” dethroned Lil Nas X and “Old Town Road” to become the number one song in the country. It ends a record-breaking run for Lil Nas X who held the position for 19 weeks.

You can check out “Dad Guy” above and follow along with Funk Turkey here.