Charlie Puth Brings Us Home for Special Performance

Watch the singer-songwriter make the best of social distancing

March 19, 2020

Like the rest of us, Charlie Puth is stuck inside most of the time these days. But he proved that he’s just “One Call Away” in the latest installment of “Together, At Home: WHO-Global Citizen Solidarity Sessions.”

Puth sat at a piano in front of a peaceful window view in his parents’ home while performing for an Instagram audience. The prolific singer-songwriter talked to fans in between playing some of his songs. He led off with “One Call Away,” which received applause in the comments from John Mayer, among others. Puth also performed “Attention,” “See You Again” and “Some Type of Love.”

Puth followed Chris Martin of Coldplay, Keith Urban and John Legend in bringing the informal concert experience directly to fans in support of social distancing. Next up are Niall Horan and Common, who will perform separately on their Instagram accounts today.

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