Artist to Artist: Did Bastille 'Poison' Lewis Capaldi on Tour?

Inside the special bond they shared on the road

August 27, 2019

Earlier this year, Bastille and Lewis Capaldi joined forces for a European Tour, both taking away very different memories.

“I know Dan was side of stage, every single time I played my set,” Capaldi remembers of the Bastille frontman in the RADIO.COM Artist to Artist exclusive interview above. “And he came up to me after every set, and he says, ‘can we get a picture after, I’m such a big fan.’”

Asked to pose a question to the “Joy” band, Lewis smiles and searches for the words. “I would just ask him, how does it feel Dan, to get to go on tour with your favorite brand new artist.”

The rosy picture painted by Lewis is much different from the one Bastille recalls. “It felt horrible. We had to spend so much time with him,” grimaces Dan Smith. “It was traumatizing.”

“I tried to poison him and it worked,” adds keyboardist Kyle Simmons.

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Both are amazing artists, and both are obviously joking, but the length to which Bastille takes it is hilarious.

“There was a massive bug that everyone started to catch,” adds Simmons. “It was actually me. I put it in the water.”

“It was like tour bus roulette,” Dan chimes in. “You can’t do certain things toilet-wise on a tour bus because of the limited plumbing situation. It rippled through the tour via Lewis’ staff. We somehow all seemed to dodge it, but poor Lewis and his mates.”

The bathroom situation sounds like it checks out, but of course it wasn’t poison. Or was it?

“That was me,” grins Simmons.

“You slipped us the antidote?” Dan asks surprised. “Exactly, cause I’ve got your backs,” Simmons confirms.

Poison or not, both Lewis Capalidi and Bastille both put out stellar albums this year and will continue their own separate tours next month.