5 already iconic moments from Miley Cyrus and Dua Lipa's 'Prisoner' video

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November 20, 2020

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Last night, Thursday November 19, Miley Cyrus and Dua Lipa blessed the universe by dropping their epic collab single “Prisoner.” And to be completely honest, we haven’t slept, since, we’ve just been watching it on repeat.

From the start to finish, the “Prisoner” visual takes us on a wild and grungy tour bus ride, that furthermore proves what we’ve known all along. This is Miley and Dua’s world, and we’re just living in it.

Trust us, you don’t want to miss one iconic moment (and there are many), so keep those eyes glued to the screen, if you know what’s good for you.

First of all, having Miley and Dua on the same track is iconic in itself, so now that that’s settled, lets talk about that music video.

Looking all types of sexy, rock 'n' roll glam, rocking fishnets and black eyeliner, and giving us some major The Runways vibes -- Miley and Dua start things off by recklessly wreaking havoc in the drivers seat of a tour bus, singing along to the track. Next thing we know, the duo move the party to the back of the bus, where they start dancing around, while ripping each others clothes off. Mhmmm, yup, told ya, iconic.

And if that alone wasn’t enough, Miley pops open a jar of maraschino cherries, which she proceeds to pour all over herself and Dua just to make things a bit more interesting, and possibly for a light snack after all that partying. The sight of the two superstars dripping in red cherry juice, as they get hot and heavy definitely makes for an iconic moment we plan to never forget.

Never shy to be a bit outrageous, at one point Miley even takes a bite into a giant spider, as the captivating chorus swoops in for the first time. We’re still debating if it’s creepily iconic or just plain creepy, either way, she’s just being Miley and we’re here for it.

The ladies keep things grungy, but eventually move the party once again, this time to a dirty rock club where they take the stage to perform their new hit, at one point they even sing into a giant mouth, honestly you just have to see it, but once again, iconic.

Lastly, a chef’s kiss, golf clap, mic drop and whatever else you can think of  is warranted for this one. Miley and Dua ended the video by flashing a special saucy message for their exes that read, "In loving memory of all my exes: Eat s***.” Ummm, I-C-O-N-I-C!

If we’re keeping it 100, the entire video is one giant iconic moment that goes off like a cherry bomb. Once we removed our jaws from the floor after watching it for the first time, like we said, its been on repeat ever since. Now it’s your turn, so check it out below, or we’re no longer friends.

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