Pharrell Williams Predicted Donald Trump's Presidential Victory

December 14, 2017

By Scott T. Sterling While many Americans were shocked by Donald Trump's presidential win last year, Pharrell Williams knew it was coming all along. Related: N.E.R.D Tap Kendrick Lamar and Frank Ocean for ‘Don’t Don’t Do It!’ Williams revealed his presidential prediction during an interview promoting new N.E.R.D album, No One Ever Really Dies. "Before he even became the nominee, I said that he was gonna win that," Williams told the New York Times. "The other thing that no one wanted to listen about is when I would say to them, 'Dude, he saved NBC.' That guy knows how to talk to people." Williams spent election night at the home of Apple senior exec Eddy Cue, with a star-studded viewing party that included NBA star Kevein Durant, Apple chief executive Tim Cook and music executive Steve Stoute. With the party expecting a Hillary Clinton win, the night would prove Williams' prediction to be a prescient one. "They were like, 'You were right,'" Williams said. "I knew it was coming but it was still surreal." Williams goes on to say that current events heavily influenced the new N.E.R.D album, but perhaps not its sonic quality. "If I make a record about this administration and it sounds sad, how many times you gonna listen to it?" he asked. "Now, if I take that same story and put it under music that feels happy as [expletive], how many times you gonna listen to that?"