6 Incredible Songs Covered By Tegan and Sara

July 7, 2014 3:49 PM

Photo: Joe Cingrana, Fresh102.7

Tegan and Sara (Photo: Joe Cingrana, Fresh102.7)

Sister duo Tegan and Sara have been in the music scene for quite some time, with hit songs like “The Con,” “Walking With a Ghost,” “Back In Your Head,” and “Closer.” Like the good music fans that they are, throughout the years Tegan and Sara have performed covers of other artists’ songs, ranging from Rihanna and Gavin DegGraw to Bruce Springsteen and the Stones.

Check out some of our favorite covers ever sung by Tegan and Sara, and let us know what songs YOU would like to hear THEM take on next. Oh, and make sure to check the girls out LIVE at our Fresh In The Park FREE CONCERT on Saturday, July 26 at Eisenhower Park on Long Island along with Christina Perri.


 “Time After Time” by Cyndi Lauper


Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images

Cyndi Lauper (Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images)

“Time After Time” is a song that is frequently covered by artists, but Tegan and Sara took it in a completely unique direction. They turned Cyndi Lauper’s classic pop-rock song into an acoustic masterpiece with ease.

 “Dancing in the Dark” by Bruce Springsteen


(Jemal Countess/Getty Images)

The Boss (Jemal Countess/Getty Images)

It is difficult to cover “The Boss,” but Tegan and Sara did Bruce Springsteen’s hit “Dancing in the Dark” justice. Their slow, acoustic vibe gives the original song a refreshing new sound.

 “Fool To Cry” by The Rolling Stones


Ian Gavan / Getty Images

The Rolling Stones (Ian Gavan / Getty Images)

The duo must be classic rock fans, covering not only Bruce Springsteen, but also the Rolling Stones! Tegan and Sara took on one of the more vulnerable tracks by the famous rock band and gave it a beautifully acoustic twist.

 “Umbrella” by Rihanna


(Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

Rihanna (Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

This cover is a little unexpected considering Tegan and Sara mainly cover rock and alternative songs. However, this version of “Umbrella” by Rihanna is arguably almost as good as the original.

 “Suffer” by Bad Religion


Bad Religion (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Bad Religion (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Having said that they used to have more of a punk vibe as a band, Tegan and Sara channeled this through their cover of Bad Religion’s “Suffer.” They turned this overtly punk song into an acoustic ballad that sounds completely different than the original.

 “I Don’t Want To Be” by Gavin Degraw


(Photo by D Dipasupil/Getty Images)

Gavin DeGraw (Photo by D Dipasupil/Getty Images)

Although only a short snippet of the song, done for the television show One Tree Hill, Tegan and Sara flawlessly covered Gavin DeGraw’s hit “I Don’t Want To Be.” By the looks of the YouTube comments, it seems that the Tegan and Sara fans went crazy over this amazing cover.


What songs would you like to hear Tegan and Sara cover at Fresh In The Park? Leave your suggestions in the comments below.


–Joe Cingrana & Leah Cunningham/Fresh 102.7

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