2014 World Cup Finals: The Hottest Players on the PitchCheck out some of the hottest players from the Germany and Argentina teams before the two go head-to-head for the title of World Cup champs on Sunday, as well as some honorable mentions from our third and fourth place teams, the Netherlands and Brazil.
What Exaggerated Soccer Fouls Look Like In Real LifeFlopping is an art. Not just anyone can make next to little or no contact look so dramatic.
Top 4 Bandwagons For U.S. Fans To Jump OnLet’s pull ourselves up, wipe ourselves off and jump on the bandwagon of another team. After all, we still have more World Cup to watch. So which team to choose? Here are four teams you might be interested in.
5 Nominees For Best Actor: World Cup EditionMany games have come down to the wire and most of the prevailing teams have their expert floppers to thank. Here are the nominees for Best Actor in the 2014 World Cup. We’ll let you decide who put on the best show…
Is Mick Jagger a World Cup Jinx?Mick Jagger is a world class rock star but when it comes to picking winning teams in the 2014 World Cup, he has come up empty handed. Now many are wondering if he is a jinx.
Bruce Springsteen Weighs in on Luis Suárez's World Cup Bite"What are the rules about biting the World Cup?" Springsteen wondered when asked his thoughts on this week's most infamous sports moment.
Chilean Soccer Fans Finish National Anthem A Cappella After FIFA Cuts It ShortIn the past, some fans have scoffed at this rule, proceeding to continue the anthem a cappella. This is what Chilean fans did before their match with Spain and it totally rocked Maracanã Stadium in Rio.
43 Reasons To Say Goodbye To 2010
Street Date: Shakira Returns To Her Roots On "Sale el Sol"
What's Fresh Around Town for Thursday, June 10th!
Shakira Teams Up on World Cup Anthem

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