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#TrendAlert: Grooms Are Now Wearing Makeup on Their Wedding DayThis morning, Karen and The Voice & Biggest Loser star Erin Willet, who was in for Jeffrey, talked about the newest wedding trend: Grooms are now wearing makeup and getting beauty treatments for the big day.
What's The Biggest Secret You Kept About Your Wedding Day?This morning, Karen and Jeffrey revealed their big wedding day confessions.
Have You Ever Seen Drama Go Down at a Wedding?This morning, Karen and Jeffrey discussed a story about a couple who called off their $350,000 wedding after their family brawled at the rehearsal dinner.
"Straight" Jim Learns Some Fabulous Dance Moves For His First Gay WeddingLet's face it, there are a lot of things about Jim Douglas that set him far above the rest of the world's straight men. As a self-professed metrosexual, Jim frequently tends to his plants around the office and he's the first to mention how pretty Kim looks on a daily basis. But when it comes to dancing, Jim is as straight as they come.
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