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J&K's Meet on the Street: Who Would You Like to Scratch Off Your Christmas List?Forget Santa's Naughty and Nice list... the big man knows who has been good this year, but I have one person on my list I would like to cross off of it! Do you have one of those?
Bringing Sexy Back (In the Form of Fanny Packs!)
We Got Caught Up in the Big Blue Hullabaloo!
If You Had $500 to Give To Someone in Your Family to Be Quiet...Who Would It Be?!
What Do You Fight With Your Significant Other About the Most?
Hey, Jealousy!
What Did You Want to Be When You Grew Up?
In a Perfect World, What Would You Like As An 'All-You-Can-Eat' Establishment?
Keep The Riff Raff Away: Give Kids CANDY For Halloween!
What Are Parents Dressing Up As This Halloween?
If I Had $173 Million Dollars... What Would I Do?
Jim & Kim: Joey, the Marching Band Quitter Guy, Calls In!

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