'South Park' Holiday Episode Pokes Fun at Taylor Swift, Lorde, Iggy Azalea & Michael Jackson's HologramOn the latest holiday episode of 'South Park,' they went for broke, poking fun at bloated holiday specials, smug celebrities and especially holograms, including those of Kurt Cobain, Tupac, Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson.
Randy 'Lorde' Marsh Returns as 'South Park' Lampoons Musician Holograms, Iggy Azalea: Watch“You can’t just replace artists with holograms. Who will create the content?” The answer may shock you.
Lorde Sings the 'Ya Ya Ya' Song from Her 'South Park' Parody: WatchIf this is how we're starting our week, it's going to be a strange one indeed.
'South Park' Finally Reveals the True Identity of Lorde: Randy MarshThe Lorde age-truthers only had it half right, according to Matt Stone and Trey Parker.
Comic-Con 2011: The Top 10 Coolest Souvenirs At Comic-Con
'South Park' Producers Say Network Cut Fear Speech
South Park Creators Plan B'way Musical
Cartman and Gaga team up for ROCK BAND!!!

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