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You Can Now Capture The PERFECT 'Pop The Question Pic'The only downside is, at least in my opinion, that you have to be looking at your phone (and not the love of your life) while saying "Will you marry me?" ~Mike Adam
100-Year-Old NY Couple, Arthur & Marcia, Celebrate 80th AnniversaryThese two are the TRUE definition of 'relationship goals'. Love them. ~Mike Adam
Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez Recall First DateLopez and the former New York Yankee began dating in February, which launched a whirlwind year in the public eye.
#Seriously?: Study Says Key To Being Attractive Is Getting a Nose JobThis morning, Karen & Jeffrey talked about the study, with Jeffrey revealing he "accidentally" had a nose job when he was 15!
She Found A Wedding Date On Twitter... And Now They're ENGAGED!Who needs when you have... Twitter?
Should Your Significant Other Have Full Access To Your Phone?This morning, Mike Adam revealed that he gives his wife Sarah full access to his phone, including all of his passwords. Karen also didn't see a problem with her husband going through her phone.
Men Who Do Housework: Hot Or Not?This morning, Karen and Mike Adam, who is in for Jeffrey all week, talked about a study that found that men who do housework get less sex.
Have You Ever Gotten Revenge On An Ex?This morning, Karen and Mike Adam, who is in for Jeffrey this week, talked about a woman who got the ultimate revenge on an ex who ghosted her after three years of dating. Ten years after their breakup, the woman got revenge by becoming his boss!
What Strange Body Part Got You a Compliment?This morning, Jeffrey revealed that he recently got hit on by an 80-something-year-old woman and she told him that she “liked his teeth!”
#WTF: The Secret to a Healthy Relationship Is... Being Open About Your Bathroom Habits?Apparently, if you use the bathroom in front of your significant other or even share a toothbrush, things will probably work out between you two!
Do You Have Relationship Rules? Man Shares His ‘Insane’ ListA guy recently bought a used car and found an ‘insane’ list of relationship rules from the previous owner that he found in the car.
#WTF?!: What's The Craziest Thing You've Overheard In Public?This morning, Karen and Jim revealed the craziest things they've overheard in public -- and Jim's story includes a VERY open couple!

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