You Won't Believe How Fast This Beauty Queen Eats 20 McDonald's CheeseburgersWe have all eaten a McDonald’s cheeseburger but I doubt any of us have tried to eat 20 in one sitting. Let alone in 16 minutes, 11 seconds.
Amy & Nick of Karmin Perform Atop a NYC Tour Bus In New AdThose adorable kids of Karmin, Amy Heidemann & Nick Noonan, recently filmed a cute new advertisement for McDonald's - in the middle of Manhattan - to promote their new "Pulses" LP... and the McCafe, of course!
For The Wanted, All Roads Lead To McDonald'sWhether he's talking summer jobs or taking a girl out for a nice date, McDonald's is the place the Wanted's Tom Parker wants to be. It seems the singer worked at a McDonald's before his boy band days started and he remains a very brand loyal former employee -- even though he did admit some bad behavior to B96/Chicago.
How Much Would You Pay for a Chicken McNugget that Looks Like George Washington?
Molly's Comedy Mix at Half-Past Six: Oprah, Lady Gaga and McDonalds!
McDonald's Is Now Serving Up Healthier Happy Meals!
Fast-Food Chains Finally Admit That Kids Should "Live Well"
High Amounts Of Toxic Chemicals Found In Childrens Toys & Products. A Christmas Safety Check.

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