Has Your Kid Ever Destroyed Something?This morning, Karen & Jeffrey talked about a kid that recently went to Sephora with his mom who ended up destroying over $1,300 in makeup...
Do You Have A Favorite Child? Science Says You Do!This morning, Karen & Jeffrey talked about a new study that says that although they may not admit it, most parents have a favorite child.
What's The Meanest Thing Your Kid Has Ever Said To You?Chrissy Teigen recently asked moms to tweet the meanest things their kids have ever said to them.
FM Magazine: End Allergies Together (E.A.T.) Launches PSA to Address Dangers of Food AllergiesThe organization is trying to curb the growing number of people with food allergies by not only funding research, but also educating the community about the issue.
Idina Menzel Stops Concert So Little Boy Can Sing "Let It Go"... TwiceWhile on tour, Idina Menzel has been making some friends by asking children to join her on stage to sing with her in front of thousands. Here's one little boy she'll never forget.
Jeffrey's Mom Friends Lose Their Minds When They're Kid Free -- Do You Do The Same?One of Jeffrey's mom friends recently visited him and she had a wild night that ended with her taking her top off in public and relieving herself in a discarded tire!
#HotMessMomMoment: Karen Shares Her Messy Moment From The Holiday Weekend!Karen and her family went to Rhode Island for the weekend and her kids had an embarrassing moment after she had a couple of margarita's and Salt N Pepa's "Push It" came on!
#HotMessMomMonday: Jill Nicolini and Karen Carson Share Messy Mom Moments From The WeekendToday is #HotMessMomMonday on Karen & Jeffrey and this morning, Karen and Jill Nicolini, who was in for Jeffrey, spilled the tea on their messy mom moments from the weekend.
What’s Your #HotMessMomMoment Of The Week? Karen Reveals Hers!This morning, Karen revealed her hilarious #HotMessMomMoment of the week!
#JesusFixIt: What Do You Do When Your Kid Has a Meltdown?One of Jeffrey’s friends came over to his apartment last night with her 4-year-old son and he literally had a screaming and crying fit because his tablet wasn't working!
Jeffrey Is Getting Parenting Advice From... Celebs?This morning, Jeffrey said he's been googling parenting advice and actually found some interesting advice from celebs.
Jeffrey's Adoption Meeting Was This Weekend... What Happened?!Find out what happened during the meeting that may have caused Jeffrey to have a change of heart.

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